Wow! Yuzu is back – GPF 2014 Yuzuru Hanyu LP

Wow! I’m a bit at a loss for words after watching the Mens FS today. Wow! There were tears in my eyes half way through, I was so amazed and so happy. He actually did it.

Yuzu is the most determined, fiercest, strongest competitor I’ve ever seen. The fact that Cup of China was just over a month ago and the NHK disaster was in between. Wow! It just shows that sometimes a great setback can lead to something amazing.

Every one questioned Yuzu for skating at Cup of China, then at NHK Trophy and even here in Barcelona. But he showed us we shouldn’t doubt him. He’s stronger than we give him credit for. Yuzu is a fighter. He wasn’t going to let this season get away from him. I’ve mentioned before that he’s stubborn and in being so he wasn’t going to let an event happen without him. He wanted to repeat as GPF champion and I don’t think anyone ever predicted he would. But he proved everyone wrong this weekend and skated like the Olympic and World Champion he is.

tumblr_ngjgihsC6o1tae69fo1_1280I think all athletes should applaud this comeback. It’s impressive and extremely inspirational. Yuzu came back from such an unforeseen setback with more attack and determination than we’ve seen. There was no stopping him this weekend. It’s amazing what he was able to accomplish. Incredibly inspirational.

That program was so close to perfect, just like the SP, and again, he got up from that fall with a smile. The Yuzu we saw was focused and in control, yet he skated so freely and appeared to be enjoying every moment. Yuzu just wanted to skate here and in doing so he was able to show everyone that he’s back, back and ready to fight.

That 4S! Wow! Best I’ve seen him do. I seriously thought it was only a triple when he first did it, had to watch that tech tracker to be sure. And everything else was perfect. Just one small little mistake. I think he needs to work on that 3Lz 😛 This was actually a personal best FS score, topping his winning FS from GPF last year.

I’m so happy to see Yuzu with that infectious smile again. He loves to skate and I think we really got to see that this weekend. There’s still room to grow, I know he had a different SP layout earlier this season that will earn him another point or two and I know there once was a second 4T added to that LP. I can’t wait to see it. Let’s break some more world records. He still needs a couple points to catch Patrick’s record FS score…

Yuzu showed us that he is the best in the world. When he is on, no one can catch him. I look forward to seeing everyone try, there are a couple who are close. I am so excited for the rest of the season.

And Javi and Yuzu on the podium together is precious. Team Orser all the way (bromance OTP!)

tumblr_ngjhc60qCt1rxq1qso1_1280We are not talking about the best skater of this season , we are talking about the best skater of all generation…He may be the greatest skater of all time.” – Eurosport Commentators

Today Yuzuru has silenced the skeptics , although skeptics should concern themselves with other things. For example there is marbles, bowling, horse riding, all beautiful, but not figure skating. Those who criticize Hanyu understands nothing about this sport.
Welcome to Hanuyu planet. Population one: HIM! – Italian Commentators

And for anyone who wants to spend the rest of their day rewatching this program (the British Eurosport Commentators are just the best and Yuzu’s biggest fans!)

And for some giggles, be sure to watch Yuzu’s English interview after his skate (“This might be tougher than the routine!” – Eurosport commentators).

Today I am so happy to be Yuzuru Hanyu fan and so happy I started this blog. Today Yuzu is an inspiration and I want to share that with everyone. And of course, thank you to all the Yuzu fans on tumblr. My blog would not be the same without your gifs and edits – clicking on them all links to your blog. I just want to thank everyone today!

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