Yuzu + Javi ♥ – World Championships 2015

Worlds! Worlds! Worlds! It’s my favourite time of the year! At least favourite time of the skating season.

For it being in Shanghai this year I was able to watch a lot events live. I just had to switch slightly to China time. I think I’m going to need a few days to recover, I haven’t gotten near enough sleep!

I am thrilled with  a number of things that happened this week, however, if you are familiar with this blog you won’t be surprised to hear that I only want to talk about the men, more specifically Yuzu and Javi 🙂

After Yuzu’s tumultuous season I think he should be very happy with that silver medal. Yes, I am sure he wanted to repeat as champion but with the injuries and limited training I think he should be very proud. It’s a great accomplishment. Yuzu is a fighter and extremely determined. I don’t think he’s going to want to settle for many more silver medals in the future. I can’t wait for him to take some time and properly heal and then do some good training (in Canada) and come back next season strong and ready to compete. I still believe he is the best skater in the world and I can’t wait to see him skate like that again.

“Honestly speaking, I feel really, really frustrated, But right until the very, very end, I am happy I could give it my all on this rink — especially on this rink. This season was filled with good and bad. A lot of things happened and that experience will serve me well, not just in my skating career but in my life as a whole. I heard Javier has been working very hard. I am happy for him to have such great result. He says ‘congratulations and I am proud of you’ to me every time after competition. And this time, I would like to say as a training mate, I am proud of him too. But I am not a generous person. I am disappointed. And I will definitely win back the title next time

I couldn’t be happier for Javi! I have been a fan for years and here in Canada we’ve adopted him as one of our own. I always questioned whether or not Javi would get things together and skate two clean programs to win. He was pretty close to clean today and I am so happy! If he was going to win Worlds, I think this may have be his best chance. Javi is the only one I’m ok with beating Yuzu. Congrats on your World Title Javi! Congrats on the first figure skating gold medal for Spain! Congrats on Grand Prix Final heading back to Barcelona next season. I imagine it’ll be great for him to return as a World Champion!

“I still don’t believe it, to beat Yuzu, the Olympic champion, one time, is unbelievable. I don’t know if it’s going to ever happen again. We’re teammates; in the competition we’re still rivals. Yuzu just told me that he was happy for me. He even dropped a couple of tears.”

The best thing that happened during this event was the re-emergence of the Yuzu + Javi bromance. Seriously could these two be any cuter!

Watching Yuzu cheer for Javi after his marks came up was great.

“GO JAVI !!!”Seeing the split screen when Javi’s score came up and Yuzu applauding was so endearing.

That hug on the podium wasn’t just one between training mates, that was a hug between friends.

These two are great friends but it also pushes them to be better skaters. It’s a great rivalry.

Total bromance moment! (^_−)−☆And I couldn’t be more thrilled for Nam! Top 5! Wow! This is such a huge accomplishment for this youngster. He is in the perfect place to get to the podium himself in the future. I would love to experience that training environment with Yuzu and Javi. How inspiring must it be everyday to skate with those two!!

And finally, huge congrats to Brian Orser! Three skaters in the top 5 is just unheard of. I am so in love with Team Orser and I look forward to a Team Orser podium sweep in the years to come.

Thanks for reading! I hope to do another couple wrap up posts for this season and Worlds.
Stay tuned!

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  1. I totally respect Hanyu for being so honest, I feel I can fill the void left by Plushenko’s retirement with them as a pair. But, did heard the words Hanyu yelled at Javier to cheer for him after the marks came up? I Didn’t get them and this is bugging me…

    • Yuzu has definitely filed the void I’ve been feeling for awhile. Together with Javi I think they’ll keep me happy for a few years to come 🙂 After Yuzu’s marks came up I think he just yelled ‘Go Javi!’ I could be wrong but that’s how I heard it.

      • Thank you 🙂 You are as sweet as these wonderful skaters. Today reality kicked in (because that’s what Mondays are for) and I realised I forgot my manners in my post (sorry!). I also realised the event is over, and the season is practically over, and I entered the phase when I don’t think I can manage until October. Moreover I’m regretting forgetting how I loved Hanyu at Sochi and everything about ice skating the moment Plushenko hung up his skates. That was foolish, thank god I read about the WC in the paper, thank god I checked and decided to watch a dozen skaters, because Fernandez’s SP got me so excited that I fell in love with figure skating for the second time.

        • I don’t know how I’m going to manage until October either. Worlds always gets my so excited about skating, but then the season is over and I have to wait months for something new. I’ll have to come up with some new blog post ideas to pass the time. And I’m glad you’ve fallen in love with skating again 🙂

  2. Your blog always sums up the best part of watching the competition! 🙂 I totally felt the same way, Javi is the only one I am ok with beating Yuzu, too, and how sweet it was to see their bromance! Seeing Brian Orser in the top three room with Yuzu and Javi was sweet as well. Yuzu said Javi is like a brother to him but Brian is sometimes like a mother. That’s so sweet. 😉
    Thanks for the fun post as always!

    • Thank you for your comments!! It makes me so happy to hear your kind words.
      I can’t get enough of the Yuzu and Javi bromance. There’s so many photos and comments and special moments between these two. I simply can’t get enough. It’s going to be a long wait this summer till we get more of that! I am also continuously amazed by the training environment at the Cricket Club. Brian has created something really special there 🙂 Yuzu, Javi and Nam are lucky to train there. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

  3. I am totally agree with you for ” Jevi is the only one I’m ok with beating Yuzu.” !
    Yuzu has been always cheering his rivals, not only Jevi. Yuzu is too famous to be super polite and sweet in personality, and they said that his never changing humility even after winning many medals is one of the Maine reasons of his popularity. Yuzu was also brave enough to join in Shanghai he have decided so at the last minutes. We look forward to his further healing in his health condition, and a champion!

    • That’s unfortunate you couldn’t find the trains! It ended just a little too soon!
      I applaud Yuzu for everything he accomplished this week. I think I love him even more now. I agree he’s so polite and so honest and humble. It doesn’t seem like he’s let the fame get to him. He’s still such a sweetheart. I hope this never changes.

  4. I’m from Spain so thank you so much for your congratulations and for welcoming Javi so warmly^^
    I really love their friendship that shows how competitors can be fair and friendly with each other.too.

    • Thank you for your comment and kind words! I am very happy for Javi! I know he’s doing a lot of things to promote figure skating in Spain. I really hope this helps with that. And Yuzu and Javi are quickly becoming my favourite part of any competition!

  5. Hi Justine,
    Here is Yuzuru’s FS from different angles/non-official videos taken by people in the audience. Yuzuru’s Jump, Ina Bauer, Biellmann spin… look more gorgeous than the official one!

  6. Hi! Here is CBC version of Yuzuru FS!
    “You know you’re a star when you do Ina Bauer and then the crowds go crazy” -Kurt Browning

    • Thanks for the links. I had seen the CBC version. That Ina Bauer is gorgeous!
      And I hadn’t seen that other copy of his FS. It’s nice to see a different view of the program I’ve seen so many times now.

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