Yuzuru Hanyu has a new program! – Skate Canada Autumn Classic 2015

Last week at the Skate Canada Autumn Classic International Yuzu debuted a new program and new costumes and in my post the other day I didn’t even mention it! That’s what today’s for. Here are my thoughts on Yuzu’s program decisions this season (*spoiler alert: I love Seimei 😍)

SP: Chopin Ballade No. 1

I have mentioned repeatedly how much of a fan I am of this program. It was so excellent seeing it again. But this year we’re seeing the original version. We get to see that spread eagle-3A-spread eagle all season 😍😍😍. Seriously, I could watch that on repeat for hours. That element should always be getting +3’s across the board!

Here’s hoping he gets that 4T in the second half mastered and that 3Lz-3T doesn’t give him any more problems this season. Too many perfect programs last year were ruined by faulty combos. This program is a masterpiece and if he skates it clean he’s unbeatable. Here’s hoping that happens when I’m watching it live. I get chills seeing it on the screen, live I might be a mess.

hanyuedits: Yuzuru Hanyu - Autumn Classic International 2015 Short Program xΒ 

What was new is the costume. I really liked the white and blue top we saw last season. This year it’s more white and we have a number of added gold accents. I’m definitely not as big of a fan. I’m alright with the gold belt, it’s the gold inserts on the sides and on the sleeves that need to go. He’s does like to change his costumes a little as the season progresses, perhaps we’ll see something a little different at Skate Canada. I’m hoping so!

yuzuru_hanyu_chopin_costumeFS: Seimei from Onmyoji

We fans were lucky and got a few sneak peaks of this program during the summer. The program was beautiful back then but now that we’re seeing it in full I couldn’t be happier. This is such a perfect program for Yuzu. For the first time, in a long time, we’re not seeing him as the romantic hero in an epic love story. We’re getting a chance to see him skate to something Japanese and become a Japanese legend (I wanted to recap who Abe no Seimei was and the role of the onmyōji, but I need to do some more research on that one!). It’s a nice change. For once he’s not being overly dramatic with his FS. This is definitely a more grown up choice this season.

I really like the circular footwork. It’s relaxed and calm, yet perfectly timed to the music. So excellent. His signature sideways lunge from Parisienne Walkways also makes an brief appearance. Plus the series of cross rolls at the end of it are so seductive. I read that Seimei was often called foxy after his appearance; and the internet has embraced this and have started calling these moves foxy 😍.

This program is already very complex. Not just technically, but the skating. There are a lot of difficult steps and transitions throughout. Shae-lynn did an excellent job! We kept hearing that Phantom of the Opera was watered down last season after the accident, so I’m glad we’re finally getting to see a fully choreographed program done to its fullest. Shae-lynn also really succeeded in creating a program that is very Japanese, very traditional, but also very current and exciting. It’s an excellent balance.

I love that the iconic ina bauer is still there at the end. I love the addition of hydoblading, Yuzu often does these in shows but it’s so nice to see it here too! Both those moves make that end footwork sequence amazing. It’s a chance to let go and get everyone ready to jump to their feet right before the end. Huge fan!

I love that Yuzu is trying 3 quads for the first time. He’s seen Javi do it and now he’s pushing himself to do the same. With his previous jump layout he was practically unbeatable. With 3 quads and 2 axels, no one is going to be able to catch him. I really enjoy how Yuzu keeps pushing himself and keeps wanting to improve and try more. Keeps things exciting! That’s what an Olympic Champion should be doing.

And can we talk for a minute about how beautiful that 4S was! Gorgeous! It finally seems like this jump is becoming consistent. It’s looking better than the 4T right now. But I don’t think we need to worry about the 4T yet, it’s still early in the season.

While I can’t stop gushing about the program, I’m less that thrilled with the costume. There are some things I do enjoy about it though. I like the tunic style of it, it’s very traditional attire. I also really like the flared sleeves. I also like the white. Everything else is a little much. The green and purple are both too bright in my opinion. I like the colours, but if they were a shade or two darker I think it’d be even better. The green and gold swirled design is also a little much. It’s pretty and I can appreciated the detail, but I think the colours are all wrong. Instead of being so bright, I think slightly darker, almost jewel tones would be better. I prefer the version we was wearing during shows this summer. It was a bit more subdued and a bit cleaner, I think.

yuzuru_hanyu_seimei_costumeThat’s all for today. Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for some new stuff. Next week I’ll have a Skate America recap and then after that I’ll be heading to Lethbridge for Skate Canada. I’ll be sure to post all about that exciting trip here. I can hardly wait!

Thanks for reading!
– Justine Alyssa

And three more photos and gifs that I just couldn’t cut 😍😍

Hydroblading? PSH No problem

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  1. Thank you for the post! I am totally agree with you Yuzu’s foot works in SEIMEI are very mesmerizing, seductive and foxy (sexy)! No wonder I could not stop repeating SEIMEI video on and on!!!!
    Here is the link of Onmouji 1 (with English Subtitle). You will see Abe no SEIMEI who looks almost identical to Yuzu.
    I really look forward to your experience with LIVE Yuzu in Skate Canada. I cannot wait!

  2. Sorry I forgot to attach. here is the link to onmyouji 1 (with English Subtitle)


    Thank you!

  3. Christianne

    It’s unique and fresh. I love that Yuzu came up with the music choice and that Shae-lynn has choreographed it so well. Ugh, the step sequences. No words enough to describe how great they are.

    • Justine Alyssa

      I completely agree with everything you said. Such an excellent program!

  4. I can not wait for watching Yuzu in Skate Canada. I am so happy for you being there. πŸ˜‰ Did you buy a flag or gifts to cheer Yuzu?

    In the meantime, let’s see Yuzu in his new CM making πŸ˜‰


    • Justine Alyssa

      Thanks for the comment! I bought a Japanese flag the other day, I’ll be cheering loudly. I also bought a little Pooh, haven’t decided if I’ll throw it for Yuzu or keep it for myself.

      It’s only a few days now till Skate Canada!!

  5. Wow! You should put your blog name (Princess Beany Skates) on the flag, so that I will be able to find you cheering Yuzu πŸ˜‰ . I wish you have two Poohs, then you can give one to Yuzu and keep another for yourself πŸ˜‰ I so envy you for watching Yuzu LIVE !!! Cannot wait for your report on all about Yuzu, too!!!!

    Here is a YouTube for Yuzu’s another New CM making for Ghana Chocolate (No. 2).

    • Justine Alyssa

      I should put my blog on the flag! What a great idea! Obviously I should have bought two Poohs, silly me. I’ll be cheering loudly. Can’t wait to share everything that happens here. I’m very excited!

      • Please post the pic of the flag with your blog name, if possible! Now I cannot wait to find you and watch Yuzu together in Live Video!

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