Yuzuru Hanyu – The Rockstar (Fantasy on Ice 2015)

In the upcoming weeks Yuzu is performing in a number of ice shows in Japan. This week it’s Fantasy on Ice! And this is exciting for two reasons: 1 – this is the first time we get to see Yuzu in over a month and 2  – new programs!

His performances have now aired in Japan (all cameras and video equipment is removed at the door) so they’re available for all to see. Yay!!

First, he skated to a new program to a song called Believe.

This was a very beautiful but very typical Yuzu program. He has a tendency of doing slow exhibition numbers. While I do love them, they all start to look the same to me. The highlight here was definitely the spread eagle and Ina Bauer. I do like the new shirt though, orange is a colour we don’t often see him in.

Second, Yuzu brought back his Vertigo program from a couple years ago. I honestly don’t think I knew this program existed, it didn’t make my list of Top 20 Yuzuru Hanyu videos last December. Check out the original version here:

And the new one:

These are the programs I love from Yuzu. It’s like his successful Parisienne Walkways program. The fans just love it. They go crazy! They love seeing him as a rockstar and let loose. They love seeing him as the sex symbol that all of Japan has turned him into. I hope we continue to see this program next season. And I hope he brings some of this personality and excitement into his competitive programs next season. When everyone thinks you’re a rockstar, you need to embrace it!

Finally, in customary Japan ice show style there was a jump off to conclude the show. During the first show Yuzu failed to land that 4 loop again, but don’t worry, he landed it successfully during the show that was recorded (video). This jump was huge and just beautiful. I would kill to see it in person. The Grand Prix announcements can’t come soon enough!! I can guarantee I’ll be back with comments and hopefully excitement then!


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  1. Thank you for this post!
    I love Yuzu’s vertigo! Yes, he really grown up and I was knocked out by his sexual attraction, though I also loved this program in 2011 when he was 16, still a boy and innocent. 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVkFgAKEGX0
    Yuzu in Orange color was a nice surprise! He chooses exhibition numbers collaborating Japanese songs (soft and slow) that have inspiring lyrics, or motivational songs. He said he will never stop to support the 2011 Tsunami Victims in Tohoku, he believes that his skating achievement will help people have hope and strong beliefs in life. He is highly admired in Japan because not only a great skater but he is spiritual, high-minded, and possesses much intelligence and cultivation. 😉

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