Yuzu’s keeping his SP (so let’s rank all of them from last season!)

Hello figure skating friends! It’s been awhile! There is one main reason why I have returned today – there’s Yuzu news!

A few months back I wrote a post after the World Team Trophy SP in the form of a letter to Yuzu begging him to keep his SP from this past season. And just my luck, this week it was announced that he will be keeping it!! Yay!! This makes me so happy!

I love the simplicity and attention to detail of this program. I feel it highlights his basic skating skills more than any of his other programs thus far. As previously mentioned, I will be attending both Skate Canada and Worlds this season and I can’t wait to finally see this program live.

With a fresh new season ahead of us, here’s hoping we finally get to see Chopin clean!! I think a clean version could break world records.

To celebrate Chopin, let’s rank the 6 versions of the SP we’ve see thus far:

6 – NHK Trophy SP

This is one of those programs from last season that is still slightly painful to watch. You can tell he isn’t fully healed from the accident. Yuzu never should have skated here and I think everyone (perhaps not him) knows that now. I imagine Yuzu learned a lot from these performances, but I don’t know if I’ll be watching them again.

5 – Cup of China SP

This performance is often overshadowed by the other events that happened at Cup of China last season, but it was one of my favourites. This program was nowhere near clean but it was the only time this season where we saw the original program layout. I love the spread eagle into and out of the 3A and the 4T in the second half. Yuzu is returning to the original layout this season and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

4 – Japanese Nationals SP

This version was so close to clean! For a couple of weeks there I think he might have actually been healthy. He wasn’t as carefree as at the GPF, but this performance was excellent nonetheless.

3 – World Team Trophy SP

The SP at Nationals was technically cleaner than this but there was something carefree yet dramatic about this version. Plus I love the nuances he’s added in tune to the music at the end. There was no pressure and he stumbled a couple times but I think that’s something we can expect from Yuzu when he’s completely invested in a program. It’s something I love about him.

2 – World Championships SP

After such an up and down season this was exactly the program Yuzu needed. I remember waking up nice and early to watch this live. Yuzu had been absent for months and there was so much pressure on him, but he showed up and showed everyone he is still one of the best – just a small step-out on the 4T. But he got the 3Lz-3T! He looked like he was having fun out there again. Which is exactly what I love seeing.

1 – Grand Prix Final SP

I gushed about this program when I first saw it and I want to gush about it again now. This is my favourite SP of last season. Yuzu skated so free during this skate. You could see how happy he was to be skating injury free. It was so close to clean, but that adorable smile he’s wearing when he gets back on his feet makes up for it.

There was one time we saw the SP clean, though most people might not have seen it. It was at Fantasy on Ice in Japan during the summer of 2014. It’s the original layout and completely clean!

Here’s hoping for a clean skate this season! I think I might need to come up with more ways to gush about this program before then. I just can’t stop gushing about it.

Thanks for reading!
– Justine Alyssa

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  1. I agree with you about reusing Chopin, I love the music for him and I am glad that he’s giving it another go. It does have the potential to break world records. Thanks for the link to the FOI skate, it’s a mesmerizing performance.

    • Justine Alyssa

      Thank you for the comment! I’m glad you enjoyed the FOI skate. I think everyone should see it!

      • Christianne

        Huge thanks from me, too. I have never seen the FOI version. But it didn’t look like he had the spread eagle-3A-spread eagle in it? Maybe it’s just the camera angle. 🙂

        • Justine Alyssa

          You’re right, he doesn’t actually do the spread eagle-3A-spread eagle in the FOI version. There’s a couple crossovers and then he does the second one. I’m glad he changed it for the Cup of China version. I can’t wait to see it again this season!

          • Christianne

            Me, too. I absolutely love this program. JButt’s choreography is sublime.

  2. Thank you for this special post about Yuzu’s SP. I guess you letter might have some influence for the decision (smile). I love Yuzu and your blog as well that have so much information about him that everyone wants to know! I really enjoyed this post, but I guess I came here too late because the last video was not available….;-).

  3. Oh, thank you for uploading this video, that was performed before the Cup of China crash. I think I missed to watch this one. Thank you!

    • Justine Alyssa

      I’m glad you can finally see it! Everyone forgets he did skate the original layout in China.

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